A note from the Masterbaker

If your breakfast is incomplete without a slice of soft as cotton white bread smothered with butter or crisp but not soggy light brown toast, if can’t have your lunch without a dense, packed with flavour piece of dark rye sourdough, if you prefer your sandwich to be made with aromatic rye sourdough with caraway seed or multigrain superloaf, you are at the right place! Ditto if you like your bagels crispy on outside and a little bit chewy inside, just as they bake them in New York. And we can convince you that to have an authentic pretzel you don’t have to leave Melbourne for Munich. We can make feel you like in haven after you try our fig bread or chocolate apricot loaf. No excuses for skipping our 100%-spelt breads and pastries, or exquisite Buckwheat Ear. Indulge yourself in our Zopf, Parmesan Walnut loaf or mini-versions of them. Don’t forget our traditional apricot or sour cherry slices for the afternoon tea. And if you like muffins discover delicate taste and texture of our muffin variety.

When we established our bakery over five years ago we had an ultimate goal to bake using methods and recipes refined over centuries. We didn’t cut corners on training and travelled to Germany, Switzerland and France, embarking on extensive hands-on training at the baking school, baking college and baking academy, learning from professional bakers. We learned what stringent quality standards we have to pass and we always apply them to ourselves to produce top class product.

And we are very grateful to all our customers who appreciate taste and quality of breads and pastries coming out from the oven of 2 Castles Bakery. We’ll never stop refining our recipes and improve technology to produce bread with an unforgettable aroma, taste and long lasting freshness.

We were absolutely thrilled to find that our breads and pastries are welcomed and enjoyed by members of the Estonian community in Australia, and over many years established a great partnership with the Estonian House in Melbourne. We were delighted to present our breads at many events over there and, naturally, without hesitation accepted an invitation to be part of the Australian Estonian Festival 2022 - Eesti Päevad.

We invite you to visit us on 16 April 2022 at the Estonian House in Melbourne. We will present our breads during the day and host the cafeteria in the evening.

To avoid disappointment missing on your favourite bread, we have set up on option to pre-order them from this website and collect the freshly baked order on the day. Alternatively, call us on 0400 103 129 and we will accept the order over the phone (payment by credit card is required to secure the order).

See you at Eesti Päevad 2022!

Michael Ruderman

Masterbaker - 2 Castles Bakery